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So yeah, I just came home from Florida last night. It was AMAZING! I love the South but I just can't seem to leave my home of New England for anything. It didn't rain once when I was down there. I have a new best doggie friend named Penny. My aunt shot a hole in one in golf. We went to an ice show. My little cousin is adorable, and just like his big cousin with baseball, he's obsessed with football! If you're friends with me on Facebook, you can see the pictures. If not? Well let me know if you want to see them! Seeing my little cousin with football is pretty awesome, no lie.

But now to a downer. Some people here know Roger and Linda? Roger  = guys that takes me to baseball games, well that TOOK me to baseball games. Linda the snobby wife? Yeah well, after having a baby in April, they want another one! Now it's great but here are two factors that people have to consider. Roger would be around 50 or 51. Linda won't work, which is really too bad because she is actually very smart. Money would be tight for them so the kids wouldn't get much.  Now normally, I'd be all okay about it...until I found a registry, for a baby 2 1/2 YEARS FROM NOW! From them. Now either I'm stupid or that's just ole a stupid idea. It's all full of maternity clothes and nothing for the baby. Only a double stroller. Yeah, I just shuddered

Oh well, she's a good psychology study case. All I'm saying.
What is your dream winter escape?
 Family in Florida. Enough said.
What inspires you to write?
A lot of things inspire me to write. When things are going bad and people make me mad, it takes a lot of stress off of me. I write a FanFic so when things happen within the person I write mine about, it finds me to write about the subject. Just anything really. I think my career goal is to be a writer.


To know me, read this self-interview I made up, it'll be updated from time to time. Depending if something big happens so READ!